Congress Hall – One of the 45 Top Hotels in the Northeast

Since 1816, the Congress Hall is the American’s oldest seaside resort that provides hospitality and is an iconic landmark hotel in historic Cape May. In 2012, the Congress Hall was recognized by the readers of Conde Nast Travelers as one of the 45 top hotels in the Northeast. It is located in the middle of the historic district of Victorian Cape May. Congress Hall is very popular place due to its relaxed sophistication, beauty, and the warmth and sincerity of the staff members. You will be happy by the display of choices to fill your night and days no matter the season.

Congress Hall was built as the Philadelphia Country Courthouse. From 1790 to 1800, it became a home to the U.S. Congress. It was during that period that Philadelphia served as the temporary capital of the United States. Several ancient achievements took place within the Congress Hall, including the establishment of the Federal Mint and the Department of Navy, ratification of Jay’s Treaty with England, and the establishment of the United States First Bank. It is always open for public tours and is part of the Independence National Historic Park.

Like the democratic ideals that it has once served, Congress Hall is simple and powerful. The Upper House at the second floor is where the U.S. Senate meet, decorated with deep green walls and fabrics. The Lower House has remained unchanged as it was during John Adams’ inauguration which took place in 1797 – sparse and unadorned, with desks made only for 106 representatives from 16 states. Washington and Adams were both inaugurated in Congress Hall. The Carpets surrounding the American eagle is enclosed by the 13 original states and is dominant in the room, larger than the life portraits of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, gifts of the French government that hang in the adjacent committee rooms.

Entering the Congress Hall is free of charge and open to the public as well. Unlike Congress Hall, Independence Hall requires a ticket. Visitors are guided and only allowed to explore the historic building for 20 minutes. This only takes place from march to December. Park stewards are always available in case of any questions so that they may give the best and most accurate answer. This normally happens in January and February when organized tours are not allowed.

You can relax and lounge by the pool, on the bench or find solace on a rocking chair overlooking the Grand Lawn. You can also pursue things that are more attractive like an invigorating bike ride through Cape May, an exercise class on the beach, or a tour of our own 62-acre Beach Plum Farm. No matter the time you spent, you will always enjoy to relive your days over lunch at the cocktail or Blue Pig Tavern during one of our nightspots.

Many Standard room types are available and easy to access. The rooms are equipped with one or two queen beds located on the second, third, or fourth floor. The bathrooms contains either a tub combo or a shower with grab bars or roll in shower. This Grab bars are also available in the toilet. Congress Hall has two elevator that leads to the guest room floors.

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