Overview from Exam-Labs: All You Need to Know About VMware Certifications

VMware is an organization that provides platform virtualization and cloud computing services and software.They are known for their advanced desktop virtualization and server technologies. VMware products cover varied areas including networking, storage, and cloud management among others. For the cloud computing virtualization platform, VMware offers the popular vSphere which is part of their vCloud Suite. Other popular products include vHorizon, vRealize Suite, and vSAN.

To work with any of these VMware virtualization products, you have to attain the requisite knowledge and hands-on skills. You’ll need a certification that validates your mastery of skills in a specific VMware technology area. To achieve this, you must go through training and pass required exams. VMware offers you training and certificationteststo prepare you for the role of a virtualization specialist. Exam-Labs will take you through the details of VMware certifications and giveyou insights into how you can earn any of them.




VMware Certifications

VMware credentials are focused on six technology areas that you can choose from. They include Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization, Digital Business Transformation, Cloud Management & Automation, Digital Workspace, and Desktop &Mobility.

VMware certificationprogram comprisesof four levels starting from the one that requires minimal experience to the one that requires advanced design experience. The levels are:


  • Associate (VCA)
  • Professional (VCP)
  • Advanced Professional (VCAP)
  • Design Expert (VCDX)


VMware Associate Certifications

These credentials are targeted at new technology professionals like architects and administrators. They are also meant forexecutives who take part in making decisions about the use of VMware solutions. The VCA Digital Business Transformation (VCA-DBT) is the only available VCA credential. Take the recommended training and pass one exam to earn it. The code for the test is 1V0-701.


VMware Professional Certifications

For administrators and engineers who want to demonstrate that they can install, configure, maintain as well as optimize solutions for the VMware platform, professional credentials are the best choice. To earn any of them, in most cases, you must go through a recommended course, pass one of the two offered foundation exams, and then sit for theprofessional-level test.

Here are some of the most sought-after VCP certifications alongside their professionalexams:


  • VCP6 Data Center Virtualization (exam 2V0-621)
  • VCP6.5 Data Center Virtualization (exam 2V0-622)
  • VCP6 Cloud Management and Automation (exam 2V0-631)
  • VCP6 Network Virtualization (exam 2V0-642)


To see the list of available foundation exams, visit the official VMware website.


VMware Advanced Professional Certifications

VCAP certifications are created for administrators, engineers, and architects. They have to demonstrate that they know how to build and designVMware solutions as well as deploy them. Prerequisites include attaining a relevant VCP credential and attending recommended training. You will also have to pass the required professional-level exams to earn your VCAP. Here are some of the VCAP certifications and their advanced professional tests:


  • VCAP6.5 Data Center Virtualization Design (exam 3V0-624)
  • VCAP6 Data Center Virtualization Deployment (exam 3V0-623, retires on 30th August 2019)
  • VCAP6 Network Virtualization Deployment(exam 3V0-643)


VMware Design Expert Certifications

VCDX is the highest VMware credential and it is designed for architects. Candidates for these certifications must demonstrate that they have mastered the technical skills needed to design, build as well as maintain systems and solutions on the VMware platform. Prerequisites include a relevant VCP certification and a related digital badge. To qualify, you must select and create your own design. The design would be based on a specific handbook. The next step is to defend it successfully before a VMware selected panel. One of the most popular VCDX credentials is the VCDX6 Data Center Virtualization certification (VCDX6-DCV).


VMware Certification Exam Cost


  • Associate certification exam cost: $125
  • Professional certification exam cost: $250
  • Advanced professional exam cost: $450
  • Design expert exam cost: $3,995


How to Pass VMware Exams to Earn a Certification?

No candidate can pass their exam without prior adequate preparation. To prepare, you have to start somewhere.Knowing which exam you want to study for, the details, and the kind of resources you’ll require is very crucial. The process can be tedious, but with the Exam-Labs website by your side, you’re going to find it interesting. Here are resources to use in preparing for your exam:


1. VMware Website

The VMware website is the right place for you to check the details including registration and the exam fee that you should pay. You can also obtain information about the courses and other revision materials that you can use to adequately prepare for your certification test.


2. Recommended VMware Training Courses

For most VMware exams, training is a prerequisite. You have to take a recommended course conducted by certified trainers as indicated on the VMware website. VMware provides you with a number of training options like onsite, live online, classroom or vFlex-ILT training. You can take the option that works well for you. Training would make it possible for you to understand topics that may otherwise look hard. This is because trainers have been teaching VMware topics for years and have a deeper insight into the industry. Apart from the training courses, you’ll also have access to hands-on labs.


3. Past Questions and Answers

Past test questions, also popularly called exam dumps, are great for practicing your knowledge. You can use them at the beginning of your preparation to give you a rough idea of the exam concepts. You can also use them as you continue with your course or at the end to see whether you’ve learned everything you need.

Exam dumps from Exam-Labs are the right ones to use. They are easily available online for download, and most importantly, they are updated, reliable, and relevant. Exam dumps come in a VCE file format that gives you an opportunity to simulate an actual exam setting. This format provides you with a picture of the real test and its structure. Besides the exam dumps, Exam-Labs also offers you an opportunity to learn through video lessons.


4.VMware Technology Network

VMware forums usually have interesting discussions, webcasts, blogs, and other materials focusing on VMware products and tests. If you need information on the vSphere, vHorizon, vSAN, and more, you’ll get it all with the help of VMware Technology Network. You can make good use of this community to learn a thing or two concerning the exam you’re about to take. It’s also a good place to know how you can use your skills to provide the required solutions.


Final Thoughts

Attaining skills and knowledge to pass your VMware certification exams takes time and hard work. If you want to earn any of the VMware certifications, then this is the right time to begin your journey. Decide which certification you want to earn, register, and then find all the resources you need to use for your study. Take a training course from a recommended provider and use revision materials like practice tests to check if you’re ready to take your VMware exam. Also, don’t forget that Exam-Labs has all the exam dumps in one place!

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